NIC has started a E-Mailing Group wherein one E-Mail from any group member will send to all other group members in one shot to share ICT Experiences and other communications particularly w.r.t. Wakf Computerization Project.

This E-Mailing Group is initially populated with group members as all SWB-CEOs, Secretary(CWC), JS(Wakf), US(Wakf), PMU(Wakf) and NIC(Wakf) Team's NIC E-Mail Accounts.

This E-Mailing Group could be used by sending an E-Mail for address "" from any group member's E-Mail Account. In-turn, this E-Mail will be delivered to all the group members' E-Mail Accounts.

Note:It is a private E-Mailing Group. So, No other E-Mail Account could use this facility for sending E-Mails to group members. This is done because of spam E-Mails from marketing companies etc. bothering all of us on daily basis.

Happy E-Mailing!